This Crisis Is Not Cause for Alarm

This Crisis Is Not Cause for Alarm: But It Is Time to Sound the Alarm

As the spread of the Coronavirus and global infections thrust the world into a state of shock, awe, and dismay, the unknown virus upended hopefulness and expectations for greatness with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. Before we give in to fear and panic, it’s imperative that we take time to remember what was on the other side of the disciples’ journey to the Gadarenes. The bible tells us there was a man bound by a legion of devils and needed freedom. After seeing Jesus’ miracle in his life, the people of the region forced Jesus and the disciples to leave the coast.

While you may surmise that Jesus’ original plans had somehow been thwarted by the people’s demand for Him to go, I believes differently. Many times, what’s on the other side of great trial is unimaginable triumph. And as JJ Hairston says in his hit song, I believe that “there will be glory after this!” For many of us, the Coronavirus pandemic hasn’t been the only trial of 2020 and the pandemic has shaken loose what semblance of normalcy they may have been working to achieve. Not even personal trials nor a global pandemic can stop the great plans the Lord has for His people. 

There is much more on the horizon, and now is not the time to give up hope and retreat in defeat. This crisis, though troubling, is no cause for alarm. In fact, with it, the book sounds the alarm using the words of Jesus in Matthew 24 encouraging believers to embrace the unique opportunity to spread the gospel using methods never before imagined. Social media interaction has increased, and people view church online in numbers that trump any pre-pandemic metrics. 

 I believe that we will make it through this crisis and get to the other side of this year or the next in safety. To do so, we must be patient and patiently await deliverance in and from this crisis. ​

Do It For the Impact

Jesus told the man to go home and tell everyone what he did. That one man’s impact on the people who knew him before that legion was exorcised would undoubtedly believe in God’s power after seeing him “clothed and in his right mind.”

Consider this, the man’s impact on that region can’t be underestimated. Many times, we want the Lord to do the work when He has given us the power to do the work and be His representative (John 1:12). The impact of the former demoniac on his region was a by-product of Jesus’ impact on His life. Not only did the people see him loosed and free, they were made believers by what they saw! 

By surviving the storm, they made the gospel available to an entire region without having to leave the coast! Friends, let’s make it through this pandemic together! As I said earlier, many of us have had personal trials challenges us, our families and even our livelihood before the pandemic reached the United States, but we must press! We must survive! Can you imagine that there are people you don’t even know who are depending on you to survive this storm? Can you imagine that? This same Jesus who is riding through this storm with us wants us to have faith that He will see us through it. 

In your moments of doubt and weakness, pray and ask the Lord to help you. There is a hymn that we sing in our church that says, ​

“Ask the Savior to help you,
Comfort, strenghthen and keep you
He is willing to help you, Jesus will carry you through!” 

If you find that you are unwilling to make it on your own, you’re in good company! Remember that He knows what you can bear but He also knows the wealth and power of His investment in you! Fear not, Jesus is with us and He will not leave us nor forsake us. This crisis, though troubling is not cause for alarm!  ​

These songs speak to the inspiration of this book, take a few minutes and listen! 

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