They Saw Him First

​I didn’t really have plans for another book this year, but God had other plans-I’ll definitely tell you more about that, soon!

​Christmas promises to be much different with the release of my newest book, “They Saw Him, First”. In this book, we traverse the journey to Bethlehem with the shepherds in Luke Chapter 2. I took an interest in this part of the Christmas story because I wanted to fully differentiate their journey from that of the magi. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that we intermingle their stories and tell them inaccurately. While researching the story, I also learned that the nativity scene we see isn’t an accurate depiction of the night that Christ was born, it’s more of a summation of the accounts presented in scripture. Because God didn’t stop with Mary or even the Apostles, I believe that God is still using people we’d otherwise consider ordinary to do extraordinary things and many of them look just like you and me! 

“They Saw Him First” begins at Christmas but doesn’t end there. For many readers, it will become a new beginning as they embrace the fulness of Christ in their lives. I want to make readers aware of the greatest gift ever, sonship (John 1:12). Though we are waiting for the son of God to be revealed fully in this world, Christ is being revealed in us, daily. Our world should be a reflection of that as we shine that light forth (Matthew 5:16)!

What are you waiting on? Get your copy of “They Saw Him, First” NOW!

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