This Crisis Is Not Cause for Alarm


As the spread of the Coronavirus and global infections thrust the world into a state of shock, awe, and dismay, the unknown virus upended hopefulness and expectations for greatness with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. Before we give in to fear and panic, it’s imperative that we take time to remember what was on the other side of the disciples’ journey to the Gadarenes. The bible tells us there was a man bound by a legion of devils and needed freedom. After seeing Jesus’ miracle in his life, the people of the region forced Jesus and the disciples to leave the coast.

While you may surmise that Jesus’ original plans had somehow been thwarted by the people’s demand for Him to go, I believes differently. Many times, what’s on the other side of great trial is unimaginable triumph. And as JJ Hairston says in his hit song, I believe that “there will be glory after this!” For many of us, the Coronavirus pandemic hasn’t been the only trial of 2020 and the pandemic has shaken loose what semblance of normalcy they may have been working to achieve. Not even personal trials nor a global pandemic can stop the great plans the Lord has for His people.

There is much more on the horizon, and now is not the time to give up hope and retreat in defeat. This crisis, though troubling, is no cause for alarm. In fact, with it, the book sounds the alarm using the words of Jesus in Matthew 24 encouraging believers to embrace the unique opportunity to spread the gospel using methods never before imagined.

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