The Journey to Genesis


So what is The Journey to Genesis? It is a discovery of your created purpose, a real connection to the reason you were born. The journey to Genesis is a clarion call for men to return to fellowship with God that will define and even refine your life’s purpose, relationships and partnerships in a transformative way. Three scriptures inspired this writing journey: Genesis 2:15, Psalm 24:1a, and Psalm 100:3b. These scriptures challenged me in this manner:1) There’s never an instance where we’re not spending our lives in response to our creation.2) The earth is His and everything in it.3) We are God’s people and belong to Him like sheep roaming in a pasture. Then it hit me?there’s a reason I’m here! Beyond conception, beyond creation?there’s a reason! Getting to know the reason is where many people like myself get lost in the sauce of self-discovery. I prayed and asked God why I’m here, and I’m somewhat confident that I’m now walking in it. For me, it wasn’t not knowing; it was the lack of boldness that retarded my progress. For most of us men, we’re in either category: we either don’t know, or we’re afraid! Fear robs you of your opportunity to be great, and while many of you have thought it, you yet struggle to do it. Why is that? How long will you refuse your life’s purpose? Join me on the journey and discover the wonder of walking in your life’s purpose!


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