Songs of Hope and Inspiration During Difficult Times

That’s a hard question to answer, but if I had to choose one, it’s probably the chapter that talks about music. Music during a global crisis, a pandemic even? YES! I have done a fair share of writing since we’ve all been sheltering in place but when I heard music in the air, I took particular interest in my writing. In this chapter, I not only encourage people to make music, but to use music to cope with these times!

In making his case for music as a spiritual gift, the late Reverend Dr. Bobby J. Baylor said, “In a letter to the church in Colossae, Paul instructed the people to use music to teach and admonish each other toward the virtues of Christian living; mercy, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, long-suffering, forbearance, forgiveness, and charity. The implication here is that music has the power to accomplish all these things, or at least to promote the effort to develop them as character traits. Considering the infinite scope of topics that music may address, we may safely conclude that it can inspire the growth and development of these virtues.”[i]

We’re no different than others in times of crisis before. Music has always had a way of getting us through hard times. It’s biblical, too! In Psalm 137, the nation recounted being asked to sing Zion songs in a strange land when demanded to do so while in Babylonian captivity. While imprisoned, Paul and Silas prayed and sang and the jail shook! Can you imagine our songs shaking this situation?

Let Heaven and Nature Sing…

More importantly, I believe that God is giving His people songs for this season! I believe that a new sound will emerge from this season and we MUST welcome it. We must yield to the new and deal with the old as He leads. It’s interesting watching segments of the church fight to hang on to what this season is demanding be done away with. It’s like complaining while watching leaves then snow fall without realizing the good a change in seasons does for humanity and nature.

“…new advances in public ministry (especially in music) follow periods of revival: the Spirit motivates artist and ministers, not the other way around… Secondly, revival is invariably accompanied by tension between the established church structure and the individuals sparked by new challenges and inspiration…There is no question that God uses music and the creative drive of His servants at times of spiritual renewal.”
Back to Basics, A Study of Public Music Ministry, Chuck Fromm[ii]

I’d like for you to read my new book “This Crisis Is Not Cause for Alarm” and if you’re a musician or singer, I would really LOVE for you to create something during this time! Don’t worry, I’m not exempt from this cool moment! I’m headed back to the studio to perfect some earlier recordings, myself! Creators, lets’s create!!!

In the meantime, get my book to read more of what I think this moment requires of us as believers!


[i] Baylor, Bobby J. “Music Among the Spiritual Gifts.” Olivet Ministries, 2004, pg. 26

[ii] Fromm, Chuck; Seay, David; Swanson, Randy. “Back to Basics: A Study of Public Music Ministry,” Ministry Resource Center,1981, pg. 7

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