This Crisis Is Not Cause for Alarm: A Christian’s Journey Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

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So, What’s My Book About…?

This Crisis Is Not Cause for Alarm”, provides a brilliant response and gives redress to guide believers through the Coronavirus pandemic. The most important aspect of this Coronavirus crisis is making it to “the other side”. While the disciples were in the throes of a life-threatening tempest (Mark 4:35-41), this was true for them, as well. This tempestuous trial is where the journey in “This Crisis Is Not Cause for Alarm” begins. Though this unknown virus has upended hopefulness and expectations for greatness this year, Willis knows that one word from the Lord can change everything.

A refreshing read for a trying time! Fred is a wonderful writer, using the right mix of teaching and inspiration to move his reader from a sense of panic to calm as they gain insight on what is needed to get them to their “other side”!

Shatona Johnson, The Book Doctors

There is much more on the horizon, and now is not the time to give up hope and retreat in defeat. This Coronavirus crisis, though troubling, is no cause for alarm. In fact, with it, the book sounds the alarm using the words of Jesus in Matthew 24. Believers have a unique opportunity to spread the gospel as never before imagined. 

I want readers to press on knowing that there are unknown scores of people depending on them to survive this storm. In the same way that the disciples safely made it to “the other side” after the storm on the sea of Galilee, Willis believes that we too can safely journey through this pandemic to safety on “the other side” to achieve the Lord’s purpose for us there and then. This inspiring book is available wherever eBooks are sold and includes a 10-day devotional. Hard copy and pdf versions can be purchased directly from him, here

I have a message for the saints and I want you to read it. Hear the Lord saying “peace be still” to the storm in your life.

“This Crisis Is Not Cause for Alarm” is a timely and necessary book for those who are desiring strength and peace during the difficult challenges that Covid-19 has brought to our present world. While reading this book I was truly encouraged and received peace in knowing that God will always have the final say concerning His people. We can find rest in knowing that we may need to alter some things, but we can STILL live our lives according to His will. Even in the midst of a pandemic, there is still purpose and what God has promised shall come to pass.

Kimberly E. Bailey

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